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Are you talking to your customers when they are actually listening?

Each day is a box of energy filled with 1 of 5 elements

Personal Day Energy is the Ancient Chinese Science of Date Selection

It calculates your peak times and your weak times

These elements can work for you…overtime!

Wont it be absolutely totally wonderfully magnificent to know your peak days, so you can have the best peak productivity?

75 000 of people tune in daily to check the day’s energy and use it in their personal lives

I have customized for you in a unique way to manage your business planning and campaign launches

  • don’t let the stress of deadlines kill the soul of your business
  • communicate with your customers when they are listening to you on an energetic level
  • take the guess work out of when it’s the best time to do plan your business strategy
  • choose personal optimized dates that is in flow with your customer
  • attract the customers that you secretly desire – the customers that make you love your business even more
  • take the chore and the bore out of business planning

I made it so eezy peezy for you, so you absolutely don’t have to…

  1. go to an exotic oriental country and join a tribe of monks to learn the secrets of TIMING THE MARKETPLACE
  2. you don’t have to shave your head and wear cotton robes in below freezing climates and survive on yak butter tea, to prove you’re worthy of receiving the Master’s TIME SECRET FORMULA
  3. no… no… no… I specially designed this just for you – eezy has never been this peezy 😊

Sounds awesome…sign me up now!

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